The Swedes are about to rob the bank

Spotify announced that they have sent their iPhone app for Apple to approve. I reposted this news and heard that actually there is a spotify client called Spot for jailbroken iPhones already. My first thought about the Spotify iPhone app was that as it requires the 10 euro/month premiun subscription, it is really going to make the machines print money for Spotify with increasing speed. Then again, as I’m facing on the edge of possibility to have all the music on my iPhone for “just” 10 euro per month and I have to make the decision. And I’m not that positive anymore, or am I…

Let’s see the facts. I am not a hardcore music listener. I have a wide taste and a very wide library of all kinds of music on my computers and ipods. I don’t add much music to my library anymore nor do I change the selection I have on my iPhone, too lazy for that I guess. In addition to music, I listen to audiobooks and I have a 14 euro monthly Audible account. I have unlimited data on the iPhone.

We use Spotify at our office all the time. I have noticed that the commercials come more frequently nowadays and they last longer. I hate Jonathan even though I almost every time pretend to have a cheerful conversation with the chap. I have made a few playlists and added a few from my friends, but nothing that I’d miss if I did not have access to it. I play sometimes music for my children on Spotify at home and they do have a good collection of children’s music. The kids love when Jonathan breaks in.

So, ten euros a month. It’s way worth it. The pricing is exactly right and the quality of service is excellent. I will get the premium account very soon. However, it is very interesting to see what Apple will do. My guess is that they will not let Spotify make a deep cut into their business, but also that this will change the way music will be consumed in the future. All the big digital boys are on the same carcass that we used to call the record industry. Will Spotify have a break there is entirely up to Apple and Stevie. Apple will be flamed heavily if they dismiss Spotify and since they have been criticized quite a bit on appstore policies, there is a possibility they will accept Spotify as it is a small player still and they may be able to cut a deal, maybe even acquire Spotify. This is a great win for us consumers in any case!

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  • services sprite The Swedes are about to rob the bank
  • services sprite The Swedes are about to rob the bank
  • services sprite The Swedes are about to rob the bank
  • services sprite The Swedes are about to rob the bank

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